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Children need a real choice and a real voice!

About this website

Unfortunately I haven't had the energy and talent to do much about this website for quite some time but the horror of the proposed Family Law Inquiry to be chaired by Keven Andrews and Pauline Hanson has made me try and alert people to why children are not being kept safe and even properly considered in the Family Law system.

Until now, most of the terrible processes and practices that infected Family Law, child protection and other areas affecting children seem to have stayed constant or - in some aspects such as lack of support for mothers and children fleeing DV - have got even worse.

I'm going to try and update this site a bit more even though it's not very effective. But at least people could click on it and realise they are not alone in trying to battle the bullying systems. And I hope that links to other organisations might lead to someone actually getting help some day.

Sorry this is still very basic - we need more attractive moving pix and siren sounds but for now it will have to do! Any help with design etc welcome - as long as it's free...


Click on blue links for other pages or email NEW links Links. PLEASE if you have time give us feedback on whether these services/ideas 

helped you and if so, how - that will really be useful to others. You can do this at Feedback - thanks!

MEMBERS! If you have tried to join our other site as a member and haven't heard from us PLEASE email: [email protected] or 

you can join on this page MEMBERS

On this website, we have password-protected the Members' page so your details will not be made public.

We have a page where you can add your STORIES so anyone can read them and understand what's going on (take out any identifying details please!).

Separate from the stories, we have added two SURVEY forms SURVEY 1 and SURVEY which require a Member's password so you can give us details of what's happened to you. We need this because are in the process of compiling evidence including statistics to show what's happening to kids in Family Law and "Child protection" - so called.

We hope to be able to update the page FLAWFV shows news about what changes are coming through since the Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2011 was passed both Houses of federal Parliament on 24 November 2011 and received Royal Assent on 07 December 2011.

NEWS whenever we can get the act together to put something on the page!

COMING UP - please enter events etc which might interest people.

Your comments and ideas are very welcome! Please use the FEEDBACK form.