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Children need a real choice and a real voice!



What's happening to kids in FLAW?

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Deadline 20 January 2017 - yet another chance to have your say on Family violence and Family Law

Posted by Ariel on January 11, 2017 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear all


Sorry I haven’t been active at all but some (good) people have thank goodness! You might want to put your ideas forward to this:

it opens OK for me if not look on – search amendments to family law act

or this might help


Give children a real choice and a real voice!



0411 852 452

[email protected]


Another side to 'kidnapped kids' story

Posted by Ariel on December 26, 2016 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)


From Safe Kids International posted by Alan Ryan December 2016  NOTE I tried to put this on J4C blog just now but it didn't seem to work - trying again!)

Report from the Late Professor Freda Briggs Emeritus Professor in Child Development University of South Australia Magill Campus SA5072 on the child rape of the Watter Twins

Contact Supervisor’s Reports

I have read 93 reports written by thirteen contact supervisors :

a. Rae Greaves

b. Lynette Bartlett

c. R.M Bartlett

d. Rhonda Lane

e. Hollie Malardi

f. Virginia Hall

g. Maureen Land

h. Mathew Morrison

i. Wendy Williams

j. Wendy Willcox

k. Alex Dronysius

l. Karin Carmichael

m. Norm Land

It is stated that the children made frequent disclosures of sexual abuse by their father to thirteen different people namely :

a. Their mother

b. Their maternal grandmother

c. Family friend Patricia Plasted

d. Family friend Desiree Taylor

e. Psychologist Caroline Seri

f. GP Dr.Rebecca McGowen

g. Occupational therapist Lucy Dall-Alba

h. Family friend Christine Young

and the following independent supervisors ;

i. Lynette Bartlett

j. Rhonda Lane

k. Rae Greaves

l. Virginia Hall

m. Hollie Mallardi

In my professional experience , the fact that the children made consistent disclosures of sexual abuse by their father to a number of people additional to their mother suggests that (a) these disclosures are credible and (b) they persisted in making reports because none of the trusted adults responded and stopped the abusive behaviour . The behaviour described consisted of :

1. The father rubbing his penis against the vaginas of the 5 year old twins and making them sore

2. The father ”playing “with his penis

3. His penis went stiff when the child had to play with it

4. The father telling the children that the game was a secret

5. The father telling the children that police cannot be trusted

6. The father being angry because the children had reported being abused

All of the above are consistent with child sex victimisation as shown in the professional literature, my own professional experience and research with victims and offenders . It is therefore, a serious concern that neither police nor child safety officers charged with investigating this case appear to have read or taken account of the reports of the thirteen named people . It is especially a concern that they ignored the reports made by professionals such as psychologist Caroline Seri who , a former employee of the Child Safety Department , thought the evidence sufficiently serious to report child sexual abuse to the authorities . She sent a copy of a child’s sexually explicit drawing with the child’s statement that daddy placed his penis between her legs .

Police and safety officers also appear to have ignored the report of psychiatrist Dr. Satish Karunakaran (27.10.2012) who says quite clearly that

a. “ the father had custody of the children for more than 95% of the time and it seems strange to me that the Department is pointing the finger at Catherine ( the mother ) for her children’s abnormal behaviour given that she has had relatively little time with the children “ . The mother’s contact with the children had been supervised by independent supervisors and her behaviour was critiqued and reported .

b. “the notion that Catherine’s obsession with the matter ( i.e. sexual abuse by the father ) and repeated inspections and questioning of the children may have caused her children’s sexualised behaviours is unlikely . Moreover such questioning and inspections are unlikely to result in the observed behaviours “.

The psychiatrist also criticised the Department of Child Safety for failing to provide an assessment of the children by a specialist child psychiatrist .

I am in total agreement with Dr. Karunakaran’s comments . The mother’s natural anxiety would not have resulted in behaviours or drawings replicating adult sexual behaviour .The mother could not have trained the children of this age , as alleged by the father and child safety worker , to act out inappropriate sexual behaviours , least of all given that her contact with the children has been supervised for some time .

The explanations given for the number of disclosures of abuse are confused , contradictory and unprofessional , suggesting an inadequate understanding of the norms of child development , children’s thinking and responses to incest .

Police with the child safety officer attempted to put themselves in the role of psychologists to justify their support of the father’s innocence and the mother’s guilt and their statements and explanations are garbled and bizarre .

They said that the children make disclosures of abuse because their mother provides comfort . There is no evidence of this in the supervisor’s detailed reports on her parental behaviour .The mother and children enjoy a mutually affectionate relationship but, when disclosures were made , the mother distracted them . At the taped meeting with police and the child safety officer , the mother is condemned for distracting them saying that she should have questioned them further ; at the same time , they illogically claimed that her questioning of the children ( for which there is no evidence in the reports made by the contact supervisors ) caused emotional damage which , in turn , resulted in problematic sexual behaviours and repeated disclosures .

A supervisor reported on one occasion that when one of the children said that daddy had stopped hurting her vagina , the mother responded that this was good news .

My professional knowledge and experience leads me to believe that the children persisted in making disclosures of abuse because the trusted adults who received them were unable to stop the behaviour they complained of .When something is very worrying to young children they will persist in repeating their complaint to try to convince trusted adults that they need help . The fact that no-one stopped the unwanted and worrying behaviour would have led to the children’s persistence in making reports

Facts of Interest

My observations on the rape and abuse of Bronte and Isabella Watter

These children told me when I collected them and their mother that besides the rape and abuse by their father Michael Watter that he let his friend Stephen Heilbronn do the same . This occurred on numerous occasions . Many of the people involved in the evidence provided but not used by the authorities have been harassed and intimidated by both Michael Watter , Stephen Heilbronn and his wife Sheree . The Help Find Isabella and Bronte Watter page has had numerous likes and shares as well as comments . Many people are on this page just to keep an eye on these child rapists . Many out of the goodness of their hearts are members because of their concern for the children without knowing the full story . This information will not only be shared to as many of these people as possible but it will also be sent via numerous emails to as many sports clubs , sporting associations , cricket clubs , rugby league and rugby union clubs , Rotary and Lion’s clubs . These same institutions will also get the information on their facebook pages as can possibly be managed and furthermore as many people on the page that we can reach will also receive this information . All the child protection pages on facebook will get this information via their pages and/or their websites . All school organisations in Brisbane and Townsville area will also get this information so they may take the necessary steps to protect the children in their care .We will also be sharing this information with the Hann and Quinn family in order to protect the children involved thereto only because Ryan Quinn in his wisdom offers great support for the child rapist . As many of the Watter and Heilbronn family members that I have managed to find will also get this information in one form or another . That way it can NEVER be said that they were not informed should any further child rape and abuse occur ! One day when the mother and her children are allowed to return to this country the truth will be out there and these people will hopefully be in jail !

Facts of interest !

The Heilbronn family is well known in the Townsville and other areas for their interest in drugs as is evidenced by the recent sentencing of Stephen’s brother Peter who was jailed for 11 years .

It appears that Stephen and Sheree Heilbronn have influence within the Police and Child Safety departments .

Why have Child Safety and CPIU officers refused to interview or accept reports from the court approved supervisors ?

Why have the supervisor’s reports of disclosures of sexual abuse by the father Michael Watter to the girls been forwarded to the Independent Children’s lawyer and then sent onwards directly to the father ? This then gave the paedophile father Michael Watter the opportunity to persecute the girls for what they had been saying and ALSO allow him to coach them on what to say and what not to say !

Has the I.C.L interviewed the supervisors with regard to the girls disclosures ?

Has the I.C.L. ( Independent Children’s Lawyer ( so called Independent ) interviewed anyone on behalf of the children she was supposedly representing ?

What qualification – exactly – has the paedophile father Michael got to question and assess Cassie’s mental state ?

The paedophile Michael Watter did NOT agree to take the girls to doctors even when advised by the supervisors that they needed to be seen by a doctor . He also would NOT allow the girls any counselling with a Child Psychologist when he had custody of them even though they had been separated from their mother the primary care giver most of their lives .

Someone pretending to be the grandparents sent professor Freda Briggs emails asking for her to answer questions related to the whereabouts of Cassie and the children . Professor Freda Briggs reported these emails to the police .

Craig Weatherly ( Detective A/Inspector at the time ) reported to Freda that this was a trick but not a criminal offence so he would not be looking into it . It appears to me that the rape of a child is NOT an offence either judging by the amount of police action related to the interviews of all concerned ! Anyone of you please feel free to give him a call on 0417071303 or Work (07) 33644794 and ask him if this is the case as I have copies of all the correspondence should he deny it !

There is further correspondence from Freda Briggs to Craig Weatherly informing him she had been abused by the paedophile father Michael Watter on the telephone when she hadn’t given him the telephone number . Freda asked if the police had given him her number ? Craig Weatherly was also informed that she ( Freda ) had lodged a formal complaint with the police 16 months prior to this to which there had been no response or answer as usual ! Freda informed him that she was told the report on the abuse of the child should have been published that November and as of July the following year nothing had been done ! Why am I not surprised ?

Craig Weatherly was also asked at the same time why a copy of Freda’s complaint to the Crime and Misconduct Commission ( the complaint being about the behaviour of the police ) had been given to the paedophile father Michael Watter by the police ?

Once again I have copies of the correspondence even though Freda has passed away so why not ask him the question ?

There were three break ins at Cassie’s work and home and the only items taken were the children’s medical records , legal papers relating to the case and Cassie’s achievement awards --- why don’t you ask Craig Weatherly how they are proceeding with their investigations on this matter ! WHAT – no further action – am SO surprised !!

There were no support people allowed for the children when they were interviewed !

There was no Child Safety person with Isabella when she was interviewed .

Cassie was denied a support person .

An indication of police bias is proven when the police doing the interview tell the children that they may say what they like in the interview room and they would not be punished for anything they said and the police did not take into account the fact ( or perhaps they did ) that the children might have been punished later after going home to their father .

Supervisors reported that the girls said that their Daddy had said that if they tell the police about their “secret “game that they would be taken away from Mummy and Daddy .

There were NO questions to the children about Daddy and what Daddy had said to the girls or that any thought was given to the fact that Daddy had coached the girls .

The police have used details from the supervisor’s reports to question the girls and yet the supervisors were not interviewed so they could give their side or explain their notes .

The police were far more respectful of Michael than they were of Cassie who was bullied by them . They shook Michael’s hand but not Cassies .

In addition to all of this the police doing the interviews lied to Cassie and Michael telling them the children had said that they missed both parents when in fact all they said was that had missed their mother . The police further told Cassie and Michael that the children had named both of them as “safe “people when the only person they initially mentioned was Cassie and only mentioned their father as a “safe “person when prompted to by the police ! The police also believed they were “safe “people as the mother had told them that this was the case and yet the supervisors had heard the children say that their father had told them that the police were NOT “safe ‘people !

The main people the children made disclosures to were the mother , the grandparents and SOME of the supervisors .

I could go on and on but if what you have read above does not convince you then there is not much else I can do to show the corruption and bias behind this case .

Cassie’s email was hacked after she went into hiding and emails pertaining to be from her were sent from her email address to Freda Briggs . Now who do YOU think would have hacked Cassie’s email – NO surely the the names of Michael Watter or Stephen Heilbronn did not come to mind ?

Michael Watter threatened one of the witnesses in order to prevent her from reporting allegations of sexual abuse made by the children against him ! I have a copy of the affidavit !

Michael Watter OFTEN told the girls that Cassie was NOT their mother but that Sheree Heilbronn was the mother !

Stephen and Sheree Heilbronn attended ALL court appearances – makes one wonder why doesn’t it ? Support persons ? I do not think so !

Does Michael Watter owe the grandparents thousands upon thousands of dollars ? I will give you one guess !

Stephen Heilbronn and Michael Watter were members of the Sunrise Rotary Club at Hermit Park in Townsville . This was a men’s only club ! Only too happy for someone to provide me with a list of members !

Lucia Taylor the lawyer ( I.C.L. ) was employed by Cassie not knowing she was VERY friendly with the Heilbronns ! No wonder they and Watter had such ready access to all of Cassie’s information ! Lucia Taylor did NOT supply the court with or mention the D.V.O Cassie had against Michael Watter ! Phone her at 07 47213499 at Purcell Taylor Lawyers if you do not believe me or email them at [email protected] and ask her !

An email was sent to a number of people and organisations by Julie Black giving information and naming several people as having participated in the sexual abuse of Isabella and Bronte Watter . Stephen Heilbronn is named in this email . What a shock ! Surprise ! Surprise !

It is known that Stephen Heilbronn threatened the grandparents on numerous occasions

Judge John Coker removed the children from Cassie and gave them over to Michael KNOWING that there was a Domestic Violence Order in place to protect the children and Cassie from Michael . No sign of bias or corruption is there ?

The police members Snr Sgt David Miles and Police Officer Michele Feint were present to observe the threats and bullying of the children and one Doctor Pamela Schults who had been asked to comment on the interviews and procedure has had her findings published in a law journal – read it --- it will OPEN your eyes ! Look it up on her website melaSchults The report was published without identifying the participants .

The children had sexually transmitted vaginal infections and one of them had a bleeding anus ! So where do you think these injuries came from ? Why do you not ask Michael Watter and Stephen Heilbronn ?

Why has Michael Watter not been assessed by a psychiatrist ? !

The truth will OUT --- one day !

By the way , have I mentioned that the paedophile father Michael Watter has been seen having lunch with the Judge ? Does not stink of corruption in any way at all – does it ?

Finally , why don’t you all take the time to share this information to all and sundry ? Why not ask these questions on the page and see how many times you may have your comments deleted ? These are sick , depraved people with NO conscience . Look out for your children !




What missing twins Bronte and Isabella look like now

Police release images of twins last seen at school two years ago.




Queen-hit violence

Posted by Ariel on January 5, 2014 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

You've probably all seen this but FYI:

weedy unpublishable letter from me to The Australian newspaper today - maybe some of you have sent something more printable - hope so!

 Queen-hit violence

 Dear editor

I respect and admire the wonderful Dr Gordian Fulde whose emergency department at St Vincent’s Hospital has helped so many of us over the years.

Your article (Searching for a way to king-hit violence 4-5/01/14), states that “the real issue is making people – mainly men- realise that the intertwined alcohol and violence culture is irresponsible, unacceptable and not cool”. 

“The people who can play the biggest role in that, Fulde says, are the women in the lives of the men.”

Ideally, this might be so but surely Dr Fulde and his staff in Emergency see hundreds of women who are victims of domestic violence. They – and their children – would love to be able to change the behaviour of the violent men in their lives. 

I’d say the downside of ‘mateship’ is that many men are influenced by the men they hang out with, not the women. If men don’t ‘man up’ and start to spur each other on to acts of kindness rather than violence, nothing will change for the better.

Yours sincerely





Children going for a song

Posted by Ariel on August 8, 2011 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (1)

In the last 2 weeks at least 8 children that we know of have lost any meaningful contact with the mothers they love, have always lived with and want to be with.

What does this do to a child? Some are less than 5 years old, taken from their Mum in the most hostile and inhumane circumstances.  Who explains to them what happened? 

Nobody in the court system asked them what they wanted - nobody listened to what they tried to say.

How can these abuses of children's human rights be allowed to continue?  What are we going to do about it?

please join us and voice YOUR ideas and those of your kids if you can still communicate with them.

Melinda on trial silenced and slandered

Posted by Ariel on March 17, 2011 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Mother refused bail after court appearance

16:52 AEST Wed Mar 16 2011

Mar 16, 2011

A 48-year-old mother has been refused bail in a Sydney court on charges relating to taking her child out of Australia without permission.

Melinda Margaret Thompson, the wife of former NSW deputy fire chief Ken Thompson, appeared in Central Local Court on Monday, March 14.

She was refused bail by Magistrate Julie Huber, who adjourned the case to the same court on April 6.

According to court papers, a number of submissions were made opposing bail, included that she was a flight risk. Mr Thompson, 66, had in 2010 launched an international search for his son who went missing in 2008.

His search through Europe by bicycle ended when the six-year-old was found in September in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands.

The mother was arrested soon after by Dutch authorities.

In 2009, an arrest warrant was sworn and issued at Downing Centre Local Court alleging Thompson "did, without permission, take a child from Australia to a place outside Australia". The warrant was executed at Parramatta Bail Court on March 12.




Melinda Stratton arrived back in Australia on Friday night last week, under arrest.

She was put before a woman magistrate in Liverpool Street Central Court on 14th March.

She was refused bail, by a female magistrate.


Convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction

(regulation 2)

Article 3

The removal or the retention of a child is to be considered wrongful where--

a it is in breach of rights of custody attributed to a person, an institution or any other body, either jointly or alone, under the law of the State in which the child was habitually resident immediately before the removal or retention; and

b at the time of removal or retention those rights were actually exercised, either jointly or alone, or would have been so exercised but for the removal or retention.

The rights of custody mentioned in sub paragraph a above, may arise in particular by operation of law or by reason of a judicial or administrative decision, or by reason of an agreement having legal effect under the law of that State.


Declaration that removal or retention was wrongful

(1) On application, a court may by order declare that:

(a) the removal of a child from Australia to a convention country; or

(b) the retention of a child in a convention country;

was wrongful within the meaning of Article 3 of the Convention.

(2) The court may ask a responsible Central Authority to arrange for the person, institution or other body making a request in relation to the return of a child under the Convention to obtain an order of a court, or a decision of a competent authority, of the country in which the child habitually resided immediately before his or her removal or retention declaring that the removal or retention was wrongful within the meaning of Article 3 of the Convention.

Please ask your federal MP to vote for this Bill!

Posted by Ariel on February 8, 2011 at 3:38 PM Comments comments (1)

The Family Law Amendment (Family Violence) Bill 2010 should be coming before  Parliament  this session

For many children involved in the family law process this Bill is extremely important - even though it does not go far enough to protect children.


Children are not the primary focus of family law and their best interests are not being served by decisions made in the courts and through some shared parenting arrangements.

Children are being removed from their primary care giver and sent to live in abusive homes. They are prevented by court orders from having meaningful contact with their loving and protective parent and are prevented from having counselling or any form of support. Suppression orders prevent the general public from knowing what’s going on.

Surely we can do better than this!

Tell your federal politicians (Representatives/MPs and Senators):

"You must vote YES to the Family Law Amendment (Family Violence) Bill 2010 in 2011 when it comes before Parliament. It is an important step towards changing Family Law to protect children’s right to live in a safe and protective home..

“All that is required for Evil to prevail

is for Good men to do nothing”.

Edmund Burke

As an elected representative you are in a position to do something.

Our children need you to stand up for them!

We are all responsible and answerable to these children – they are the future of this country.