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Children need a real choice and a real voice!

Have Family Law changes introduced on 7 June 2012 helped children?

I don't see that the new laws which were supposed to REALLY put children's wellbeing and safety above that of an abuser have made any difference at all to the mindset and biases of judicial officers involved in Family Law. Were any of them obliged to undergo any kind of 're-education'? The changes to the Family Law Act didn't mean that provisions such as the UNCoRC or similar had to be enforced. Only that they had to be 'considered'.

One good development in 2013 was that VOCAL in Newcastle NSW started up a new unit

To quote from their website :

For many people, trying to protect themselves and their children from family violence and shield them from physical and psychological harm is extremely difficult. VOCAL has a specialised Family and Child Safety Unit that aims to empower the protective parent to understand and manage the challenges that occur when a child safety issue arises its links to various processes and systems.

We will supply a listening ear, and offer ideas and suitable strategies, referrals, support and court preparation to help the protective partner and their children be safer. The Family and Child Safety Unit was established in 2013 and was made possible by a generous funding grant from the Ronald Geoffrey Arnott Foundation. I would commend all those who are engaged in Family Law proceedings to obtain a copy of this Guide to assist in understanding the new laws and how it should be implemented by the Family Courts.

There is plenty of good information on the VOCAL website

Ariel May 2015

Older info: 

Thanks to Charles of NCPA for this link