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Children need a real choice and a real voice!


Let's start a(nother) campaign for men (and women and children) to encourage acts of kindness not violence!


letter to The Australian 05/01/2014 (won't be published )but..

I respect and admire the wonderful Dr Gordian Fulde whose emergency department at St Vincent’s Hospital has helped so many of us over the years.

Your article (Searching for a way to king-hit violence 4-5/01/14), states that “the real issue is making people – mainly men- realise that the intertwined alcohol and violence culture is irresponsible, unacceptable and not cool”.

“The people who can play the biggest role in that, Fulde says, are the women in the lives of the men.”

Ideally, this might be so but surely Dr Fulde and his staff in Emergency see hundreds of women who are victims of domestic violence. They – and their children – would love to be able to change the behaviour of the violent men in their lives.

I’d say the downside of ‘mateship’ is that many men are influenced by the men they hang out with, not the women. If men don’t ‘man up’ and start to spur each other on to acts of kindness rather than violence, nothing will change for the better.