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Children need a real choice and a real voice!

On International Women's Day Women and children are disempowered by Family Law

On International Women’s Day we hear a lot about high profile Wonderwomen who have achieved great things. Good on them! Their achievements are worthwhile and they can help other women by opening up opportunities and showing splendid examples of how women can get ahead.

We’d like to honour another group of wonderful, brave, strong women. These women are mothers going through the Family Law system whose primary carer status has been taken away along with their rights and their children’s rights.

Family Court suppression orders will make sure that you’re kept in the dark about it!

Mothers involved with the Family Law system are fighting for justice for their children and for their right to be heard. They are fighting a secretive system which has done its best to destroy them.

The theme of IWD in 2012 is “Supporting Women's Economic Empowerment”.

Economic dis-empowerment is the outcome of Family Law processes for all the mothers we know.

Women who once had paid jobs, houses, a social and community life - usually revolving round their children - are now destitute pariahs.

Many women going through Family Law don’t have jobs or if they do they are irregular and casual. If they are allowed to have contact with their kids at all, they have to fit in with unreasonable, impractical and inhumane court orders. The distances, times, cost and conditions of contact with their children prevent them from having any kind of regular life. Their children suffer.

Many women (and children) going through the Family Law process become socially excluded because of the psychological, emotional, financial, and often physical demands put upon them by capricious Family Court judges and inexplicable decisions.

The most important job for these mothers – being the primary carer for their children - has been taken from them and given to someone who often has few qualifications, experience or skills for parenting. In the world of work – what employer would fire the person who was best at the job and give the work to someone who was mediocre at best? Or abusive? The Family Court would!

Children are a mother’s work and good mothers will usually produce good results.

Why can’t the selection criteria for good parenting be used to assess which parent the child should live with? Why are the rights of children and mothers so easily discounted?

Family Law in Australia is not working for children at risk and for many mothers and is often placing them in extremely unsafe situations.

Everything to do with the assessment of what’s good for children MUST be taken out of the adversarial Family Law process NOW!!