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Children need a real choice and a real voice!

Holidays are heartbreaking for many children

There are many myths in Australia about the goodwill of Christmas and the festive season and Christmas being “for children” - but is our joy and jollity only possible because we ignore the suffering of others?

Maybe we spare a few dollars and a thought for a World Vision or Oxfam child or for asylum seeker kids behind the wire.

But who is thinking about the kids who are now in detention because of cruel and inhumane decisions made under Family Law and so-called child ‘protection’ provisions?

These children can’t be with family they love. They can’t write or call or email or communicate in any way with their loving caring protective parent. They can’t receive cards, calls or presents from that parent – usually their Mum.

These children are made to live with abusers (even convicted paedophiles).

These children are silenced.

They have no human rights.

Often the Courts have ordered no communication. If they haven’t the children’s jailer - and that’s not too strong a word - won’t let them communicate. 

What use are things like Kidshelplineand websites like when kids aren’t allowed near a phone or a computer?

These kids are living in hell. Why? What have they done wrong? Why were they taken from their loving primary carer who has looked after them perfectly well since birth? That separation in itself is child abuse.

What would you feel like if you were suddenly removed from your Mum who has never harmed you, has never even been accused of any wrongdoing and given to a parent you hardly knew or in some cases, feared?

Maybe you can’t imagine what it’s like to be a Mum who has brought up your child without doing them any harm and usually a lot of good. Until a Family Law decision based on ‘single expert’ opinions – formed after an interview of less than one hour – takes your child away and prevents you from seeing that child – Often for months. Sometimes forever. .

Justice for Children Australia cares about what happens to kids. We are not biased towards any other interest. We know there are Mums and Dads of every stripe.

But we are also well aware of how kids end up in abusive situations.

It’s often because Courts won’t listen to the child or the protective parent. Contrary to one of the other great Australian myths – mothers don’t always get custody. Mothers don’t always lie about abuse to get back at the father. Mothers don’t always want to ‘take him for every cent’.

The mothers we know only want to live in peace and love with their kids. Many of them have made big efforts to encourage a relationship with the father even when the child doesn’t want to know. How often does this work the other way round – when the father has custody?

We’ve heard a lot lately about “Poor Dads” who can’t see their kids at Christmas - and there are some for sure - but what about the poor KIDS???

HELP please!! These kids can’t speak for themselves but YOU can.

Contact [email protected] and we’ll give you all the stories you need and the kids want you to tell.

sent out as MEDIA RELEASE 22 DECEMBER 2011