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Children need a real choice and a real voice!

From The Conversation 2019

Congrats to Rhys Muldoon for recognising mothers are human too.

Will entities such as the Family Court and child protection services around the country ever reach this level of awareness?

What's Mother's Day without children?

Can you remember what Mother’s Day was like when you were a kid?

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones. You gave Mum breakfast in bed, your family had a fun day together and you all slept peacefully that night in the same house.

Imagine what it’s like when you love your Mum and she loves you but you can’t see each other. Not because she’s overseas or in hospital but because orders from the Family Court stop you.

On Mothers’ Day 2019, Justice for Children Australia honours a forgotten group of loving, brave, strong women - mothers who’ve been separated from their children by the Family Law system. Their right to be a mother and primary carer has been taken away. Their children’s rights to be with the mother they love have been trampled.

Why did this happen? Often because the mother, trying to protect her child from harm and abuse, spoke up in the Court. Often because although the mother said nothing, the court appointed 'single expert' decided that she was thinking her former partner might be a danger to her child.

She is then labelled mad or bad by the ‘experts’ and ultimately, as an unfriendly parent by the Judge. Most of these mothers have never been convicted – or even accused – of harming or threatening their child. In this crazy system, violent abusers with convictions can be and are allowed to be custodial parents. Some of these have never lived with the children before.

Such mothers may flee the country or go 'underground' because the Family Court will not listen to them and insists on handing their child to an abusive parent. What would you do when the justice system in this country - a country that prides itself on the ‘fair go’- lets you and your child down?

Mothers involved with the Family Law system are fighting for justice for their children and for their right to be heard. They are fighting a secretive system which has done its best to destroy them.

Family Court suppression orders will make sure that you’re kept in the dark about all this.

On Sunday 12 May thousands of Australian women and children will be spending yet another Mother’s Day apart. They can’t phone or email, the kids can’t make or send cards or presents.

These mothers know how much their children are suffering and are unable to do anything about it. Children often feel (and are told) that their mum doesn’t care. This is all a pain difficult for many to imagine, and does not make Mother’s Day a day for celebration.

The adversarial Family Law system in Australia is not working for children at risk and for many mothers and is often placing them in extremely unsafe situations. The practice of Family Law must change now and so-called child protection services must change to protect children and mothers and keep them safe and give them meaningful lives together. 

Justice for Children 0411 852 452 [email protected]