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Children need a real choice and a real voice!


Barbara Holborow's life was celebrated today at St Stephen's Church in Sydney.

She was a wonderful champion for children and she made a huge difference to the lives of everyone who knew her especially those who had nobody to listen to them. She believed that children's voices should be heard in decisions that affect them.

What, then would she have made of the non-event happening across Macquarie Street from the church at the same time as her funeral?,

A TV station had asked to interview mothers who had been cruelly separated from their children because of inhumane Family Law decisions. The journo wanted to know what was wrong with the system and how it could be improved. The mothers were speaking because the children can't.

But that journo - who is normally based at Parliament - was suddenly called away. The interview was postponed. The mothers and their supporter who happens to be a politician (but a good person neverrtheless) waited around all day.

In the end the result was - as usual - silence.

Jesus said "Suffer the little children to come unto me" - as the homily today reminded us.  

Where is He now? Do these kids have to die and go to Heaven to get help?

Some like Darcey Freeman are already there. Because we didn't care enough to sure make sure they were protected and listened to.

J4C 01 June 2012